“always consider your thoughts as the worthiest in the world”

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Me and my thoughts #15 birds 🐦🐦

Me 👇 Hello friends , today morning I here a sound at my window and woke up with a peaceful mind 😌😌. Then I saw a cute little bird 😍 😍 sitting on my window . I went closer to it , even after that I didn’t fly . It wondered me 🤩. My thoughts […]

Me and my thoughts #14

Me 👇 Hello friends 🙂 , because of corona we are have online classes . Today I had a test in that , I was studying , studying for the whole day 🥴. Timing for test is 6-7pm . Only one hour within the given time we have to submit the test 😒. Anyhow I […]

Me and my thoughts #13 Mom

Hi friends 🙂🙂, the weekend seems incomplete without getting scoldings from mom 😒😒 . Sometimes her activities and scoldings will be anonying but after a while if we think of her it will make us laugh . Today was so different than other days , I did all that works said by my mom . […]

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